Google drive error ? Sorry you can not download this file at this time. Click to Solution

Google Drive Download Error, Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time

Soltion Are simple please watch full video,Video Link Error Solution Link



How To Buy Membership From Debit/Credit Card ,Wallet and Netbanking

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How to activate Givemerom membership From Balance and download featured Firmwares

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Que. When Login Show Error "DFP IS REQUIRED"

Ans.DFP error is in two parts, the first one is Add. Blocking plugging in the browser and the secound issue is old barwaser, Remove add. blocking plugging from your browser and secound is update your browser .



Phone Contains Invalid

Que.When Login and Request a file you will show this error"Phone Contains Invalid"

Ans.This error can be solve by enter your mobile no with country code. Eg mobile no is 987654321 enter +91987654321.