Givemerom needed more firmware sources,if you have any official firmware source contact me on whatsapp +919004815656 and email me on
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MRT Dongle Huawei Flash Activation Code

MRT Dongle Huawei Flasher Activation Code


Download Huawei Flasher


This is A Activation Code, Put the Quantity, We will provide you Code. all the huawei fastboot or factory mode swith to flash mode can flash by download mode or fastboot mode
tip:if you select port to fastboot;then it will flash in fastboot

tip;if you select port to Auto;then it flash in download mode

3;support huawei full dead make alive(huawei com 1.0) download
support huawei 650 655 950 960 970...
need tp to gnd (like qualcomm to edl 9008 port)

4;Super News!!!!with this you can unlock huawei 8.0 8.1 8.2 9.0 9.1 android system FRP Lock

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